Wedding Planning & Communication

It’s no secret hat communication in our world has changed. With text messages, social media, and emails we can converse at lightning fast speeds. But how are you supposed to deliver wedding news to your guests and vendors? Is it appropriate to post on Facebook about your bridal shower? What hours of the day are good to text your wedding planner? Thanks to a little research from Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette and our own experience we have the answers for you!

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites help set the tone to your guests for your special day. This is a time for guests to feel special and build anticipation with a physical invite. With so much being digital, a mailed wedding invitation is a great reminder of your wedding day approaching.

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Thank You Notes

Thank you notes should be a handwritten note sent through the mail. This is a traditional gesture that we believe you should do for your guest. If you feel you’re behind on your handwritten thank you notes, a quick text or Facebook message indicating you’ve received the gift and a note is coming soon is acceptable.

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“Save the Date” Notices

Save the Date notices can be sent via email if you would like to do so. This is a good reminder to your guests that a formal invite is coming. If you have a website you are using for your wedding info you can add a link through the Save the Date email for further details.

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Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements are typically sent via snail mail. You may also send wedding announcements via email if you’d like to do so. This can be a good cost efficient tool if you’re looking to save a little, but be sure to BCC guests so contact information isn’t shared to everyone on your registry.

Hours to Contact your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner can be your beacon of relief in a sea of wedding anxiety. We always love to help make our couples feel comfortable and confident that all details are moving in the right direction, but sometimes we also like to unplug. If you text/email/call your wedding planner during normal business hours this is the most acceptable time to communicate and we will gladly respond! Don’t worry thought, if you contact us outside of those hours we will do our best to help put any worries at ease, we just might take a little bit longer to respond.

Contact Vendors

If you are not using a wedding planner, or you have a good connection with your vendors, another rule of thumb is to also contact them during business hours. Your vendors are working hard to make your wedding dreams come true so they may need 24-48 hours to respond.

We hope this tidbit helps guide you and give you a fresh take on how to communicate with your wedding guests and the vendors you’re working with for your big day! If you have any additional questions, or you’d like to learn more about Rosedae Events, visit our contact page and drop us a line! Happy wedding planning!

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